Colchester Half Marathon Race Report

March 1, 2015

It was only fitting that the coldest February on record ended with a very chilly Colchester Half Marathon on Saturday, February 28th.

Known as one of the tougher half marathons in Connecticut, the 13.1 mile course delivered as promised: hills, dirt roads, cows, hills, rural scenery, and more hills.  Add in the bitterly cold temperatures and it was definitely a race to remember.

Achilles Connecticut was well represented with several athletes and guides competing.

  • Dave Hayes  1:38
    John Shepherd- 1:39
    Michael Lo Presti  1:45
    Wanda Hodson-1:51
    Jon Romeo  1:56
    Gladys Alcedo  1:58
    Adam Osmond-2:01
    Michelle Bosco- 2:12
    David Schreiter- 2:18
    Rachel Tambling-2:27
    Julie Aresco 2:45
    Mike Feinberg  2:47
    Adam Fleisher 2:47

and newest volunteer…  who joined yesterday after being inspired by Achilles athletes / guides on the course.

Paul Fiaccone-1:49