Award Winning Day at the Hartford Marathon!

October 12, 2014

Congratulations to Achilles CT for an award winning day at the Hartford Marathon!

5 Kilometer Run – Visually Impaired
Tracey Andrews – 2nd Place (Guided by Nina Purslow)
Gary Allen – 3rd Place (Guided by Kathy Esposito)

5 Kilometer Run – Physically Challenged:
Adam Fleisher – 2nd Place (Guided by Chris Love)

Half Marathon – Physically Challenged Male:
1st Place – Trent Hampton (Guided by Dave Hayes)
2nd Place – Brett Sloan (guided by Bob Palmer, Marni Luby, and Natalie Kronick)
5th Place – John Plata (Guided by Alex Silverman)

Half Marathon – Physically Challenged Female:
2nd Place – Jennifer Gonzalez (Guided by Ashley Boate & Mat Montgomery)
3rd Place – Margaret Rorrio

Half Marathon – Visually Impaired Division:
1st Place – David Solano (Guided by Jeff Amell)

Marathon Visually Impaired Division:
1st Place – David Alejandro (guided by Jon Romeo)

Marathon Hand Crank Division:
1st Place – Shane Mosko
2nd Place – Thomas Stearley
3rd Place – Krys Zybowski
5th Place – Tony Allegretti

Thanks to all of the volunteers and guides for making this a day to remember for Achilles Connecticut!