Vinnie Liguori Memorial Athlete of the Year Award

Meg Moore

Mom of the Year Award

Anne Moore

Katy Guidone Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award

Alex Soter

Spirit of Achilles Award

Marilyn Wenzel (Athlete) & Nicole Schreier (Volunteer)

Impact Award

Jo-Anne Rankin (Volunteer)

10 Year Award

David Alejandro (Athlete), Sharon Geltner (Athlete), Peter Geltner (Athlete) & Erin Spaulding (Athlete & Chapter President)

Unsung Hero

Mike Halasinski (Volunteer)

Rookies of the Year

Diego Rabellino (Athlete) & Katlyn Westhoven (Volunteer)

Determination Award

Daniel DeJesus (Athlete)

The Redemption Award

Caitlyn Keller (Athlete)

Perseverance Award

Chris Nunez (Athlete)

Roll with It Award (Most Flexible)

Michelle Georgevich (Athlete)

LyLy Hin (Volunteer)

Tricia King (Volunteer)

The Positively Positive Award

Veronica Alston (Athlete) & Samantha Keenan (Volunteer)

“How Can I Help?” Award

Shaylee Boger (Athlete), Cindy Drozd (Volunteer) & Roberta Brown (Volunteer)

Comeback Award

Jordan Acevedo (Athlete) & Tara McNeil (Athlete)

Most Likely to Raise a Million Dollars for Achilles 

Team Unblinded

Trailblazer Award

Susanne Cesana (Athlete)

Golden Clipboard Award

Bruce Whitney, Lori Stethers & Dana Higgins (Eversource Hartford Planning Committee)

Golden Sneaker Award

Monte Wagner (Volunteer) & Pat Turek (Volunteer)

Full On Crazy (Most Marathons in 2023)

Mike Tubiak (Athlete)

Half Crazy (Most Half Marathons in 2023)

Jim McCollum (Athlete)

Biggest Cheer Squad

Matt Ferber’s Entire Family!

Most Members from the Same Family

Lowman Family (Athletes) & Miller Family (Volunteers)

Most Likely to be in Witness Protection

Harry McKinstry (Athlete)

Most Likely to be a CIA Operative

Dan Brown (Volunteer)

Most Likely to Get Caught in the Rain

Shannon Davis (Athlete) & Earle Smola (Volunteer)

Most in Need of Roadside Assistance

Ron Gold (Athlete)

Austin Powers International (Wo)Man of Mystery Award

Gail Bruno (Athlete-London 2024) & Nicole Boucher (Volunteer-Berlin 2023)


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