Vinnie Liguori Memorial Athlete of the Year Award
Rosita Cascudo

Katy Guidone Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award

Team Daniel Volunteers: Roberta Brown, Julie & Tom Dickinson, Elana MacGilpin, Mary & Bruce Whitney

Spirit of Achilles Award

Kris Wetmore & Dana Martin (volunteers)

Unsung Hero Award

Erin Spaulding (athlete & Chapter President)

Rookies of the Year

Camilo Cardona (volunteer) and Marilyn Wenzel (athlete)

Perseverance Award

Caitlyn Keller (athlete) and Thomas Kimball (volunteer)

The Comeback Kid Award

Gail Bruno (athlete)

The Redemption Award

Jim McCollum (athlete)

Most miles logged (athlete)

Harrison Peloso

Most miles logged guiding and driving (volunteer)

Alex Soter and Lori Stethers

Most Miles Logged Alex Soter  Most miles logged guiding and driving (volunteer) Lori Stethers

The Strava Award (Most Virtual Races)

Jennifer Boulette (athlete)

The Million Miler Award (Top Fundraisers)

Tanmay Athreya (athlete-top individual fundraiser); Team Ultrapossibilities (Mike Feinberg, Cat & Steve Anaballi & Lufeng Zou-top fundraising team)

The Piggy Bank Award (youngest fundraiser)

Max Lowman

Biggest Cheer Squad

The Somanath Family

Most Likely to Need a Post-Race Shower (aka the Muddiest Award)

Ally Sega (athlete) and Ben Wyckoff (volunteer)

Unofficial Therapist Award

Jo-Anne Rankin

Austin Powers International Man and (Wo)Man of Mystery Award

Mike Tubiak (athlete) and Trephene Wilf (volunteer)

Team Mom Award

Kate Plummer and Kristen Corso (volunteers)

Positively Positive Award

Meg Moore (athlete) and Beth Haydu (volunteer)

Grill Master Award

Earle Smola & Tracy Parkin (volunteers)

“How can I help” Award

Nicole Schreier (volunteer)


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